Welcome to the Shoot Factory.Photographers can enjoy Time, Space & Privacy to create the perfect frame. Situated on NH-6, Bhilai near Surya Treasure Island Mall, this 3 acre open-air with Indoor sets as well, location provides various backdrops and props to create your shot.

The Majestic Scenes is located in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, focused on innovative concepts for Photoshoot sets design with a fresh approach. We are a premier Set designing company, with creative concept development for film-making sets and Photoshoots sets. We successfully explore newer genres, differentiated concepts, and fresh talent. Our Staff is made up of creative individuals who are interested and passionate about making a difference through the art of both still and moving pictures.

Equipped with a state of the art make-up room / dressing room, we provide a surfeit of backgroundslending to both fashion and couple / pre-wedding photography. We don't have any branches. We don't provide any equipment like cameras, lights etc.

We provide the photographer Time, Space and Privacy to create a Perfect Frame. The couple or the model feel relaxed enabling the photographer to concentrate on the shoot. They can plan out the shoot by properly coordinating clothes, looks with different backdrops. Makeup /dressing room is a big bonus for the client as this facility is not available anywhere except in an indoor studio. The variety of backdrops and sets with unique/antique/vintage props gets their creative juices flowing. We always have an appropriate solution to the question "Kuchh Naya Karna hai". We love to interact with and help the photographer in their creativity.